24 Declassified: Trinity

24 Declassified: Trinity

John Whitman

Operating out of an almost empty area in l. a., the newly created CTU faces its first significant concern. a large number of plastique explosive has vanished and will be anywhere—with criminals, crazies, outlaw bikers . . . or within the bloodstained palms of Islamic radicals. As strong representatives of the world's significant religions assemble for a convention on religion, peace, and coexistence, brokers of the infant elite counterterrorism unit needs to chase elusive shadows during the underbelly of L.A. A nightmare of assassination and terror is looming, tied to the darkest secrets and techniques of the church—an explosive danger that needs to be uncovered and defused inside twenty-four hours, or violent repercussions can be felt round the world.

And just one guy possesses the required ardour, ruthless ability, and willingness to function outdoors his jurisdiction and past the boundaries of the legislation: a deadly rogue CIA operative . . . named Jack Bauer.

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